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Fledgling/Hatchlings Rooms

Hatchlings and Fledglings

Our aim is to provide a safe, happy, welcoming and educationally stimulating environment in which children can learn through play to prepare them for school and life. Our children are confident, with self respect, self discipline and self esteem. Each child is a valued and self motivated member of the Pre-School. Our children respect others and are honest, fair, responsible and polite. They develop an understanding and awareness of the world in which we live.


The children learn how to communicate, work together and learn social skills.  We scaffold their learning and ensure that the parent's views are valued and included in theirs child's learning.




For all children who have difficulties we will support them and their families.


For children who are behind in their speech we carry out a lot of speech programmes.


We will set specific learning plans for children who need them.



  • Opening Hours
  • Mon – Fri (term time only)
  • 8.45am -11.45am and 12.00pm – 3.00pm Mon – Fri (term time only)